Sunday, February 15, 2009

Married But Single?

I'm married - been that way for 8 1/2 years - but there are many times, like this weekend, that I feel like I'm a single mom. My husband is a homebody. He doesn't like to go out much which most people think is great but when he's at home and watching me do everything around the house and for the boys I wish he weren't here at all.

He's a teacher and doesn't work as many hours or days as I do but I'm still expected to do all of the cleaning and anything that relates to the boys. For example, this weekend, they were both sick so all of the medicine giving and "it's going to be okay" talks had to come from me. My youngest is being potty trained and anytime he has an accident, my husband yells at him about how he should go to the bathroom but never changes him.

When we got into a little altercation about Valentine's Day yesterday, I asked what were his plans for us and he went on and on about how it was a stupid holiday and he didn't believe in it. He said all we normally do is go out to eat but since the kids are sick we aren't going. So I asked if he would cook for me (he cooks almost every day) and he said he wasn't planning on it.

Then I asked if it's too much for me to desire to be treated like I'm loved (i.e. pampered) just one day out of the year and he said he'll pamper me after I pamper him. Is it just me or is something gravely wrong with this picture?

Yes, I'm telling the whole story...

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  1. I feel sad after reading this. Although I have no advice to offer b/c I've never been married and can't even remember the last long term healthy relationship. Maybe you two need a weekend away so you can put everything on the table and communicate.